A Little
about Me.

Taundra Noel holds a Master of Arts degree in Nonprofit Management and a Bachelor of Arts degree, with a major in Human Relations concentrating on Nonprofits, both from High Point University in High Point, North Carolina.  Taundra Noel is a certified nonprofit professional as well as a certified life coach.

Taundra Noel enriches the lives of others while motivating them to reach their highest potential. Through empowerment, clients are able to discover the beliefs or issues blocking them from reaching their goals and develop perseverance with overcoming life’s obstacles.

Through dialogue, inquiry, goal setting, accountability and general motivational techniques, Taundra works to support clients with assuming full responsibility for creating a fulfilling life.

Coach & Speaker

You can if you think you can.

Singer, Actor, Writer & Producer

My passion pushes me.

The Start

Just Get Started

Born and raised in Maryland, Taundra Noel was exposed to the musical arts at a young age.  At the urging of her family and friends Taundra auditioned for Fox’s season 4 “American Idol” in Washington D.C. Although she did not make the cut, that particular experience swayed her into the music industry. 

My Faith Walk

Must Live By It

A leap of faith activated Taundra to enlist a former industry executive from Atlanta along with his ANR from Virginia to help manage her blossoming arts career. As she continued to work on her music opportunities arose that landed her in front of the camera. Under the instruction of Burgess Jenkins from “Carolina Actor’s Group”, Taundra began her quest to be a quadruple threat: dancer, singer, model, and actress.

Always Acting Up

The Best Way To be

This new move proved to be a total success as Taundra’s acting resume now lists a host of films, Television, stage plays, commercials, professionally recorded music available on all major digital streaming platforms. Recently doors have opened for Taundra to co-produce for television with Murchison Motion Pictures. 

Push Past Your Fears
and Live Your Dream!