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“Guess who has renewed her momentum? Me! Big shout out to my Success Coach Taundra Noel! Throughout the storm she is a steady whisper. I have learned that I am stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually then I even thought I was, because she gripped my shattered attention and made me look at me. “

~ Anita Armstrong

A born strategist; Taundra Noel is a firm believer and understands that life gets better by accessing change. She is intentional to ignite positive shifts through awareness, expression, healing, and activating the core of who you are. Taundra Noel is a certified Life Coach inspiring lives by applying creative confidence in various advancement opportunities in business and in life. Taundra is also passionately involved 

“Taundra is a breath of fresh air. She was able to pinpoint my exact struggles and tell me exactly how to overcome them. She truly ignited my purpose and I am confident about my value, purpose, and business.”

~ Miesha Moriniere

in the entertainment industry and is motivating masses through her music, acting, writing, producing, and speaking to live every minute in purpose on purpose. She has been described as an “out of the box” thinker, an articulate motivator, professional speaker, and a life changing tool to continuous success.

Let’s Ignite Your Purpose NOW And Go From Passion To Profits.

Taundra Noel Shaw


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Life coaching sessions are pretentiously packed to guide you to continued success! Your best life begins today!
Success coaching packages are strategically created to awaken and ignite the best qualities in every individual and their business. 
Organizational training packages allow individuals to come together, and advance towards projected goals! A strong team foundation leads to great gains!
Artist development packages are designed to help the artist positively shape their career for both the immediate future and long term. A step-by-step plan will be used to cultivate the artists business sense as well as their talent. 
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